Question: Where are Brandon and Nicole now?

Brandon, a Texas A&M alum, is now a model and has lived in various big cities, including New York, Miami and Houston, while Nicole currently lives in Los Angeles and is pursuing an acting career. Nicoles proudest accomplishments have been winning Miss Texas USA 2003 and being the second runner up at Miss USA 2003.

Why was the Amazing Race Cancelled?

But about three legs into shooting, the coronavirus pandemic began to take the world by storm, shuttering international travel and activities worldwide. As a result, The Amazing Race had to halt production and send its cast and crew home. Since then, there has been no announcement of filming resuming.

Is Christie and Colin still together?

Colin & Christie met in a class at the University of Texas in Austin and have been dating for over a year. Both now live in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Did Brandon and Nicole from Amazing Race 5 Get married?

A few years after the race, Brandon & Nicole broke up. Nicole got married in 2014. Brandon is married and has three children.

Did Colin and Christie get married?

Amazing Race 31 Winners Colin Guinn & Christie Woods Are Not Married (& Heres Why) The Amazing Race Season 31 winners Colin Guinn and Christie Woods explain why theyve been engaged since 2004 and dont plan to marry.

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