Question: What is the difference between a companion and a girlfriend?

As nouns the difference between companion and girlfriend is that companion is a friend, acquaintance, or partner; someone with whom one spends time or keeps company while girlfriend is a female partner in a romantic relationship.

What is the true meaning of companion?

1 : one that accompanies another : comrade, associate traveling companions also : one that keeps company with another his longtime companion. 2 obsolete : rascal. 3a : one that is closely connected with something similar The book is a companion to the television series with the same title.

What is the meaning of companionship in a relationship?

Companionship can come from close friendships or even more intimate relationships, such as between siblings or spouses. When you experience companionship, it means youre frequently in the company of someone—eating together, going places together, and generally spending time together.

What is an example of companion?

The definition of a companion is a partner to, friend who accompanies, mate or someone hired to help another. An example of companion is a husband to his wife. A friend, acquaintance, or partner; someone with whom one spends time or keeps company. His dog has been his trusted companion for the last five years.

Can a friend be a companion?

A companion is one who serves as a friend or partner in something. Whether its travel or dinner or card-playing, your companion is the one who does it with you. The word companion is a close, um, companion to the word company, and you might as well say that someone you keep company with is your companion.

What is a good sentence for the word companion?

If she knew I was hiring you as a companion , shed be embarrassed. He probably ate out all the time, and had a female companion to look after as well. Alex was a delightful companion . He is the constant companion of Dionysus, whom he was said to have instructed in the cultivation of the vine and the keeping of bees.

What is the difference between a friend and companion?

As nouns the difference between friend and companion is that friend is a person other than a family member, spouse or lover whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection while companion is a friend, acquaintance, or partner; someone with whom one spends time or keeps company.

How do you use the word companion?

Companion sentence exampleShe gave her companion an angry glance. Are you taking me as your companion ? The countess was sitting with her companion Belova, playing grand- patience as usual, when Pierre and Natasha came into the drawing room with parcels under their arms.More items

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