Question: Does Jordan have night clubs?

Amman has some of the best night clubs in Jordan. Of these, the Cube Lounge is the most popular. Thanks to its electrifying music & great lineup of DJs, the premier clubbing place on Zaid Bin Al Haritha Street in Amman is always buzzing with people.

Where can I go in Amman at night?

Top 10 Night Spots in AmmanMurphys Garden.The Good Pub. Pyro. Dunia Rooftop. Ghoroob Rooftop Lounge. Library Lounge & Cigar Bar – Marriott Hotel Amman. Credit: Oz Boutique Restaurant. The wizard of Oz! The Sanctuary – Sheraton Hotel. The Sanctuary is the Terrace located at the Al-Nabil Sheraton Hotel Amman. More items •10 Oct 2015

Does Jordan have bars?

Alcohol. Even though Jordan is largely a Muslim country, drinking alcohol is not a social taboo; it is readily available in restaurants and hotels. There are also bars in tourist areas and some of the major cities particularly those with a significant Christian community.

Can you party in Jordan?

Jordan is usually believed to be a laid back region but its discotheques, music bars, and shisha lounges and lively nightlife will totally take you by surprise.

Is alcohol allowed in Jordan?

Jordan is a conservative society. You should dress modestly and behave courteously. Its illegal to drink alcohol on the street but permissible in bars, clubs, hotels and private homes. There are strict alcohol limits for drivers, similar to those of the UK.

Can you drink alcohol in Amman?

Although public displays of drunkenness are frowned upon, as a rule drinking alcohol in Jordan is accepted as long as it is done in moderation. Some restaurants will serve alcoholic beverages and there are a number of bars in Amman.

Can Tourists drink in Jordan?

It is acceptable for foreign visitors to drink alcohol in Jordan as long as they respect the local people and customs. Sample local alcoholic beverages and always drink responsibility in order to prevent drunkenness.

Is it OK to wear shorts in Jordan?

In keeping with the respectable clothing policy, men should wear trousers when visiting Jordan. Whether you are in the city of Amman, exploring Petra or trekking the desert men should refrain from wearing shorts as it is seen as disrespectful. In Jordan tops that do not cover the shoulders are classed as underwear.

Which is the best country to party?

The 11 best party cities in the worldRio de Janeiro, Brazil: Down at the Copa, Copacabana.Ibiza, Spain: Back to the Island.Berlin, Germany: Go Underground.Tel Aviv, Israel: A Mediterranean paradise.Bangkok, Thailand: Experience the exotic.Belgrade, Serbia: Discover unknown pleasures.London, England: Hang the DJ.More items •Sep 12, 2017

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