Question: When to get a dating scan with Peek a baby?

Peek-a-baby offer dating scans from as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy, the 5-minute scan is 2D and will confirm the results of your pregnancy test, confirm babies heartbeat and gestational age and provide an accurate estimated due date.

Can you feel the baby growing at 7 weeks?

Well, theres no doubt about it now… By 7 weeks, youre definitely starting to feel a little pregnant! Youve managed to get through the first weeks with your baby-to-be growing inside you, and maybe youve even been a bit proud of how youve handled all the changes in your life.

Is it normal to have a belly at 7 weeks pregnant?

Pregnancy symptoms at week 7 You wont have a bump for a while yet, but at week 7 your womb (uterus) is already expanding to accommodate your growing baby. As this happens, the tissues supporting your womb (ligaments) will stretch and you may feel mild cramps or twinges in your tummy.

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